Global Recreation Award (GRA) is the world's environmental comprehensive competition
It will launch globally in 2021 Invitation letter

Promoting the realization of a more green, peaceful, and sustainable development of the future green environment.
Strengthening the international environmental science exchanges and sharing new environmental achievements among different countries.

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West Hampstead, London
Space Hub
Woodland Gardens are the gardens of a residential development in West Hampstead, London.
Space Hub designed a series of natural play items consisting of logs and stumps to create dens and trim trails. They provided conceptual design sketches which Duncan & Grove used to manufacture the play items.
We manufactured the items in our workshop. The larger trunks were made from oak trees that had the bark removed whilst the smaller timbers were made from robinia. Trees with branches are not easy to source, and when they are sourced do not always have the branches in a location that works for the design. In this instance we used mortice and tenon joints with wooden pegs to fix robinia poles to the main oak trunks to get the desired form.