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Project Name: green forest cottage
Location: Qionglai mountain in Sichuan Province within the scope of giant panda National Park is located in the eastern edge of Hengduan Mountain range, with an altitude of about 4000 meters, roughly in the north-south direction, steep in the East and slow in the West.
Materials: solid wood, antiseptic wood, explosion-proof glass, bamboo strip
Design Description: Qionglai mountain is located in the eastern edge of Hengduan Mountain range in Western Sichuan, with steep terrain and dense forest. The mountain is surrounded by clouds and fog all year round, and the scenery is like a long scroll of ink and water. The world of green forest and tree house is in Qionglai mountain. It is a group of unique independent villa hotel rooms scattered in the forest. We hope to create a strong IP site with unique memory points through the integrated design of landscape and architecture. In this design, we also think about protecting the infinite beauty given by nature as effectively as possible, so that the newly designed space can be integrated with nature as if growing out of the forest. The first principle for us to determine the site selection is to intervene the existing mountains and vegetation as far as possible, and to grasp the most beautiful scenery at the same time. In order to protect the mountain forest effectively, the trestle road and a small number of mountain steps should be used as much as possible to preserve the original low shrubs and ground cover plants to the maximum extent. In the process of design and construction, the premise is to let the house give way to the tree and the road to let the tree go, so that the forest can be kept in its original state to the maximum extent, and people can really integrate into the mountain forest when they live, walk and stay in the forest. This can not only effectively hide in the mountains and forests, but also ensure that the guest room area has a higher degree of comfort. For all buildings and structures, we adopt the overhead exposed platform landing, which not only does not damage the original terrain of the site, but also makes the landscape grow like a tree top, effectively protecting the ecological resources. This design is mainly in the form of simulation building blocks, using the design method of one main and three auxiliary, making good use of the form of air trestle to meet tourists' fantasy of forest. The main building is an independent villa hotel style guest room, which is divided into upper and lower floors. The interior of the house is made of glass and the exterior is made of solid wood. You can enjoy the stars in the sky of Qionglai mountain at night. Enter the cabin along the plank road, set up a reception area on both sides of the entrance, then enter the central rest space, and then push the glass door to get out, and then come to the outdoor. The outdoor ring house balcony and a raised waterscape make it more compatible with the surrounding forest environment. The guest room is connected with the other two rest and viewing platforms by plank road, which makes visitors feel like walking on the cloud when walking along the plank road. The main purpose of this design is to make the small green forest into a winter and summer resort, so that tourists can also meet their yearning for nature in the process of playing.