Global Recreation Award (GRA) is the world's environmental comprehensive competition
It will launch globally in 2021 Invitation letter

Promoting the realization of a more green, peaceful, and sustainable development of the future green environment.
Strengthening the international environmental science exchanges and sharing new environmental achievements among different countries.

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Landscape platform_GRA AWARDS / Global Recreation Awards / 环球游憩奖

Design description of viewing platform:
1. Project name: torch
2. Main materials: steel structure, steel pipe, aluminum alloy, tempered glass and granite. The design is mainly based on the modern design style. The design is inspired by the torch. The fire also represents destruction, and also represents life and hope. Therefore, setting such facilities in the forest park means that there will always be life and vitality. It also warns people to protect the forest and keep away from fire sources. It is not only good-looking in shape, but also meet the use function and structural stability. The foundation column connected by the internal spiral staircase connects with the ground to reinforce the foundation, which is the main bearing structure. The outer galvanized steel frame and red steel frame are the auxiliary steel structure bearing load, and the bottom is penetrated into the soil with steel bars. The black steel structure mainly bears the weight of tempered glass and granite. It not only makes the structure beautiful, but also solves the problem of bearing structure. The top viewing platform is spacious and bright, which can meet the needs of many people overlooking all kinds of beautiful scenery. It is also a good place to take photos and punch in.